Libertad Jungle Lodge

Authentic experience in the heart
of the Peruvian Amazon

Dive into the jungle life and disconnect
in our community based lodge

in the Amazon

In the area of Iquitos,

We offer packages including :

  • All transfers (from Iquitos city or airport),
  • Private guide,
  • Access to gorgeous wildlife,
  • Genuine contacts with the local population,
  • Private cabins with bathroom,
  • Great food and a careful & warm service!

All this, 100% community based!

310 US$

Exclusively composed of private cabins, complemented by spacious rest areas. Sitting next to a maze of lagoons and rivers that offer days and weeks of trails, boat circuits, and camping routes to show all the diversity of the rainforest.

Explore the lodge & our cabins
Iquitos area, Peru

Located deep in the Amazon, the environment is very unique and offers direct access to sections of the jungle with extensive fauna and flora.

Libertad is surrounded by the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve.

Our tours start from Iquitos (Northern Peru), and include the transfer to the lodge.

How do I get there?
Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge