The lodge

  • Your own private cabin

    The lodge is composed of private cabins, complemented by spacious rest areas. With excellent access to the best wildlife, it is the ideal place from where to rest and explore the jungle.

  • Above the ground

    As this whole Amazon region is flooded in the wet season (roughly 2 months, in general between february and april), all the cabins are built above the ground.

  • With ample common areas

    Such as a fantastic rest & relax area, with hammocks and a great river view, a large comedor (dining room), and more!

The area

The lodge is located in an area some 120kms (80 miles) southwest of Iquitos. Transfers are made by car on a nice jungle road to Nauta, and from there by boat, upstream on the Amazon, to the lodge; a great way to discover the region.

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The environment is very unique and the lodge has direct access to sections of the jungle with extensive fauna and flora, not found in facilities located closer to the city. Libertad is surrounded by the Pacaya Samiria National Reserve and the Tamshiyacu-Tahuayo reserve.

Las Casitas

Las casitas is how we call the guest cabins. Different sizes (1 to 6 persons per cabin), so that each reservation has a fully private resting environment whether in solo, in couple or in family or friends.

Each cabin has its own bathroom (sink, shower, toilet);

As the nights can be pretty hot, we built the cabins to be naturally generously ventilated, with large wall openings; yet, the cabins are well protected from the bugs: all openings and the ceiling are netted, and an extra mosquito net is installed on each bed.

The place is safe and very relaxing; remember though, this is a rustic environment: no airco, no hot water, electricity (for light, cameras & phones) only 6-9pm. No fixed internet connection (no wifi) but cell phone coverage in some parts of the lodge (higher areas).

Perfect to disconnect and relax!

Bottled drinking water, bed sheets, towels, soap and toilet paper are provided by the lodge. The water for the showers is sourced from decantation water tanks, filled from wells or rivers.

Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge
Libertad Jungle Lodge : The food

The food

Our food is local and simple yet carefully prepared, with fresh & balanced ingredients and generously served. Generally quite a nice surprise to our guests!

Vegetarian meals and other special dietary requirements can be coordinated upon request.

Libertad Jungle Lodge : The food
Libertad Jungle Lodge : The food
Libertad Jungle Lodge : The food