Please see our “book now” page to send us your booking request; we will email you back a reservation confirmation — generally in less than a few hours. Very simple!

No pre-payment required (payment at the lodge during your stay, in cash).

Check in / Arrival time

2 possibilities:

  • Hotel pick up: you overnight and rest in town prior to visiting us, then we will pick you up from your hotel the next morning. Departure will be between 8 and 10am (we will make it as early as possible, generally 8, depending on your preferences and the program of the day; exact pick up time will be re-confirmed by us a few days before your tour starts).
  • Airport pick up: you fly into Iquitos on the day your tour starts, then we will meet you upon arrival at the airport and depart from there to the lodge. We will make our best so that your transfer is immediate after landing; however, in some cases we might ask you to wait, up to 60 minutes maximum, to coordinate the logistics at best. For the airport pick up option, it is necessary that you land before 3pm. The sooner you land (first flights come in around 6am), the more time we have to show you the jungle! If you land after 3pm, in order to avoid nighttime travel, we will advise you to overnight in the city prior to visiting us.

Check out / Departure time

Ideally take a flight end of afternoon or early evening to enjoy as long as possible your last day with us. If needed we can drop you at the airport as early at 9am (hence, a 11am-flight being the earliest you can book).

Recommended stay

For a first time visit, we recommend 4D3N to allow yourself the time to see the different ecosystems of our jungle, but also to relax and enjoy the quietness of the lodge. Our minimum stay is 3D2N.


We don’t require deposits. The full payment is made while at the lodge, except for large groups or in exceptional circumstances. We only accept USD or SOLES (no credit cards).

Cancellation policy

Bookings can be modified or cancelled at no cost up to 7 days prior to departure. Between 7 and 2 days prior to departure, 50% of the booking is due in case of cancellation. Less than 2 days prior to departure, the booking is due in full. Changes due to health reasons are subject to this cancellation policy. This policy however will not apply if your trip needs to be changed due to local conditions (travel impairment due to weather, strikes, or any other exceptional circumstance of this type), where full flexibility will be offered.

How to get there

All Inclusive

Here is a list of what’s included in our prices:

  • Transport from Iquitos airport or Iquitos city center to Libertad, accompanied by your guide or one of the Lodge representative (scenic 3 to 4 hours of jungle road and boat ride)
  • Lodging: small wooden houses, each with 1 or 2 rooms, most of the rooms with private bathroom, towels, bedsheets, soap all provided; all equipped with mosquito nets. Shower water at room temperature (not hot)
  • Guiding (One individual guide per reservation), Spanish or English speaking, both available
  • All activities: activities are agreed upon between you and your guide; all activities are included, no supplements (even for optional camping night etc)
  • All meals (delicious jungle food, ie. rice, fish, local vegetables). Simple yet fresh & balanced. Read guest comments, usually they are positively surprised!
  • Drinking water is supplied, from large 20-litter bottles brought in from Nauta (nearest town)
  • Rubber boots & rain ponchos provided, and special gear also (for instance if you choose to try a night out camping in the open jungle!!!)
  • Electricity, during a few evening hours, just the time to reload your camera batteries etc

Packing essentials

Below is a checklist of items to bring:

Highly recommended: headlamp / flashlight, long sleeves shirt and pants for daytime activity, relax wear (t-shirt, shorts, light shoes) for rest time at the lodge, … sunscreen and above all: bug spray / repellent;

Available at the lodge: rubber boots, rain ponchos, and the gear that you’d need to camp, if you choose this option.

Optional: a good book, a small backpack (for the tours);

What not to bring

It is highly recommended that you do not bring any food. Libertad is located in a beautifully rainforest and there are many small insects which are attracted to any kind of food. We also ask that you do no bring any plastic bottles or packaging, unless you intend to take it with you when you leave.


We don’t have a storage facility in town, and because the airport is directly on the way to our lodge, the best is to bring all your luggage with you to the lodge. Small or large 🙂


We are located in the rainforest, so of course there will be some bugs. This is part of the unique jungle experience! We have wonderful mosquito nets to protect you while in the cabins (and a second layer of nets that covers each bed) and we recommend using natural a good repellent for time spent outside, during sunrise and sunset hours mainly.

Seasons – When is best to come?

Any time of the year is fantastic. Driest months are from April to January. February & March can be quite wet. Every season is a different experience!

Kids / Elderly persons

No age restriction. If you have very young kids or elderly people in the group, mention it when placing the booking and we will discuss how we can accomodate. As the tours are private, the guides adapt the activities to the needs of the guests.

Food & allergies

Our food is local and simple yet carefully prepared, with fresh & balanced ingredients and generously served. Generally quite a nice surprise to our guests!!! Vegetarian meals and other special dietary requirements can be coordinated upon request.

Internet & Mobile phone

The lodge has cell phone coverage, but the signal is not always very strong, nor present everywhere (our hammock room being a high point, has the best signal). Voice, text message,  whatsapp message and emails are generally ok. Live calls or else, not so good. Operators with coverage: Bitel & Movistar.

Wifi: there is no wifi at the lodge

Water & electricity

Libertad is 100% off-grid, powered by a mix of local electricity generation. Electricity is then available, but only from 6 to 9PM (enough to reload your appliances). Purified water is available and included in the packages. It is brought in from the small town of Nauta.


Health and vaccines are personal and sensitive matters. Therefore, we recommend that you refer to your practician for advice on this.


Due to our remote location, Libertad is one of the safest places in the world. We have never had any problem with theft or the like. However, we still recommend keeping valuables with you. Please note that we cannot accept responsibility for any items lost / damaged / or stolen. While we will do everything possible to ensure your comfort and safety, we cannot accept responsibility for bugs, water or electrical shortages caused by acts of nature. Thank you for your understanding!