The Libertad experience

The Libertad experience

Private jungle tours

  • Your guide is probably the most essential element in your jungle experience!
  • All of our guides are rainforest experts, very enthousiastic to share their “jungle life” and share with you the flora, fauna and the local experience!
  • Each reservation at Libertad is allocated a private guide, a dedicated boat and boat driver: your tour is truly personalised. No time is spent on areas that don’t interest you, nor adapting to other people pace.
  • We do limit the number of guests we host at a same time to make sure the Libertad experience remains warm and personal.

Explore the jungle life at your own pace

  • The experience is «à la carte», designed by you with your guide to adapt to your interests and fitness level.
  • We have all types of activities: short (min 2h) or long (half day, full day or multi day), with different level of efforts (spending more time hiking into deep jungle versus more time watching from the boat)

The activities

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities


Direct access to a maze of lagunas and rivers, and gorgeous exposure to both the flooded forest and the drylands. Canoeing upriver can bring you next to several conservation areas, where a variety of animals and plants can be observed, along with some remote native community villages (but no tribes).

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities


Short or long hikes into the forest where the expert eyes and ears of your guide will let you discover the enchanting life of the rainforest. Our guides all grew up in our village (or similar local villages) and will be able to take you to the best places to look for each animal. They know the fauna, flora, living communities, and the general area very well and will tailor your program specifically to the type of Amazon experience that you want to have!

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities

& Flora

During your stay, you should see many species of monkeys, spiders, caimans, fishes, birds, insects, snakes, and of course, dolphins & sloths. Anaconda snakes and more specific species, such as jaguars, are in the area too but are harder to spot. Encounters with wildlife will take perseverance and a bit of luck as this is an authentic jungle experience, in sheer nature. Not a wildlife park!

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities

Experience it
like a local

Our experiential tourism options give you the opportunity to sample the genuine jungle life (local crafts class, culture, food & cooking workshop, traditional medicine,...)

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities

& getaway

The lodge is pleasantly ample and offers several areas from where to just sit and enjoy the nature sounds & sights! Total disconnection.

Libertad Jungle Lodge : Activities

Off the grid adventures
& Exploration

For the guests who would like to have a more intense exposure to the remote rainforest, we offer a variety of special routes (camping / remote cabin stay / remote village stay) options. These mini trips can be built into your stay with us at Libertad, at no extra cost (for most of the options). These will be discussed with your guide upon arrival.

List of activities (non exhaustive)
  • Interpretative trails / Fauna and flora discovery : short or long hikes into the forest and / or boat journeys
  • Exploring the Cumaceba and Yarapa river basins, discovering the lagoons and looking for anacondas!
  • Understanding the different types of ecosystems of the Selva Baja (lowlands): Tahuampa (flooded forest), terra firme forest, restingas, …
  • Doing a night tour looking for caimans and tarantulas
  • Getting lost in the flooded forest (aka Tahuampa)
  • Navigating the confluence of Marañon & Ucayali rivers: here starts the Amazon!
  • Canoa trips
  • River bathing, with or without mud!
  • Piranha fishing / general fishing
  • Overnight camping in the deep jungle or sleeping in our remote jungle camp
  • Sharing a magic sunrise over the Ucayali river watching pink and grey dolphins
  • Relax in our hammock room
  • Experiential / Community activities (craftmanship class, cooking class or local food sampling, understanding a jungle village social organization, leaning about tropical subsistence crops & fishing, history of the Libertad village and customs, leaning about traditional / plant based medicine, local fruits sampling, visit neighbooring communities ….)
Typical day at the lodge
  • The planning of your activities will be decided between you and your own private guide, each morning.
  • Breakfast is typically at 8 am, followed by either morning and afternoon excursions, or a full day tour (when we want to go further into the forest).
  • Additional activities can be added before breakfast or after dinner if requested.
  • Start the day with an early morning tour (5 am) to watch the sunrise on the Amazon or go out on a nighttime excursion like fishing, caiman spotting or looking for tarantulas.
  • A boat operator will accompany you on each excursion so that your guide can be fully available to teach you about the jungle life!
  • Of course, as the lodge is part of the village of Libertad, you are invited to join the activities of the village as well, including craftsmanship, crops, fishing, playing football with the children, and more.
Sample Itinerary

There are no standard itineraries as each of our tour gets customized between you and your guide upon arrival. However, we have created an example of 4D3N – 3D2N itinerary so that you can imagine what your stay will look like.

Download the Itinerary