Map & access

Option 1

Direct route via Iquitos airport

Several daily flights from Lima to Iquitos.

Your trip with us starts here: Iquitos

Together with your guide, you will travel by road to Nauta (120kms / 80miles, 1h30).

Then by boat to the lodge (1-2 hours depending on the season).

Duration: Lima-Iquitos: 2hours, Iquitos-Libertad 3.5hours

Arriving in Iquitos: early arrival to make the most of your first day. Start time can be as early as 6am.

If you land after 2pm, to enjoy the route to the lodge with daylight, we recommend you to overnight in Iquitos, and depart the next morning from your hotel.

Departing from Iquitos: late departure to make the most of your last day. Drop off time at airport as late as 6pm (earliest drop off: 9am)

Option 2

Adventure route via Tarapoto

Flight or road trip to Tarapoto

Road to Yurimaguas

Boat to Nauta

Your trip with us starts here: Nauta

Boat from Nauta to Libertad

Duration: Tarapoto-Libertad: 3 days estimated

Note: This route is a self organized access only for adventurous travellers, with open agenda.

To reach Tarapoto, you have different alternatives (flying from Lima, or overland through several breathtaking northern routes).

Once you reach Tarapoto, the time consuming section of the route is the river section between Yurimaguas and Nauta, where boat frequency can vary.

If you are interested in this option, and have time for it, let us know and we will update you on current conditions.

Option 3

Transborder option: From Colombia to Peru via the Selva!

For those of you who are happily backpacking across borders,

Iquitos can be easily reached flying from Bogotá-Leticia

Onward Leticia-Iquitos with a 10-hour river journey

Your trip with us starts here: Iquitos